The Infuser

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Mixology Life's "The Infuser" is perfect for imbibing special ingredients to make custom molecular cocktails and other gastronomy delights.

Infused drinks are becoming a very creative alternative to experiment with unique combinations of flavors. Beyond the usual shaken or stirred cocktails, there are a wide variety of alternatives using liquor and fresh fruits or other ingredients to create amazing new cocktails.

Using The Infuser, molecular mixologists have created cocktails by adding herbs, peels, dried flowers, teas, and other aromatics to the top glass container. The bottom container is filled with the desired alcohol mix and when the concoction in the bottom container enters the top, it becomes infused with the flavors and aroma of the unique ingredients you selected.

Your infused cocktail is created at the table or bar and served directly from the bottom container, making a unique cocktail experience that will amaze!

The Mixology.Life Infusor is easy to use, especially with our specially curated Infused Cocktail & Molecular Mixology book (included). This versatile infusing machine is equally suitable for luxury restaurants and bars as well as the most sophisticated home mixologist.

Package Includes;

  • "The Infuser" by Mixology Life
  • Burner and Burner Cap

(product details may vary slightly from image. does not include liquid fuel for the burner, which is available from many common stores)